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Our Story

Necessity has been called the mother of invention. Such is the case with the remarkable story behind the development of the world’s leading Super Pulsed Laser technology. Its roots go back to the late 1970s as a project of the Moscow Power Engineering Bureau. The Bureau was comprised of 2200-2400 highly educated people working on many different projects for the Ministry of Defense.

At the time, all projects dealing with the Space Program were developed under the supervision or guidance of the Ministry of Defense. Here Ph.D.'s worked on new technologies that were designed to expedite the healing process of Cosmonauts in Space.

The project was not designed to be a business that would make a profit. Rather it was born of necessity to be able to help Cosmonauts with the inevitable body jarring injuries and pain caused by the turbulent effects of lift off and reentry into earth’s atmosphere. The constraints were apparent. Because of close quarters, the technology had to be compact and could not require an excessive power supply. The interior of the space cabins were not modern and risks were high, especially when performing such feats as connecting to the MIR space station.

Although in the mid to late 1980s much work was being done by NASA in the development of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), the work done in Moscow was largely done with Laser Diodes. This was due to the popularity of laser technology in the Physics community. Although research had been done on an exhaustive range of energy sources (light, sound, radio frequency), it was the studies performed on Laser Diodes that proved to be the most valuable. This was the birth of Super Pulsed Laser Technology.

The technology was refined and perfected in clinical use at Military Hospitals initially, and then extended into Public Clinics. Here the power of Laser Treatments was demonstrated in the treatment of a myriad of conditions. Treatment protocols were studied and developed based on thousands of patient encounters. The technology continued to be refined while making of a variety of proprietary integration and synchronization of multiple techniques in energy medicine.

One very prominent figure in the development of this technology was Dr. Albert Grabovschiner. He not only was the head engineer of the project while working for the Moscow Power Engineering Bureau, but became the lead executive in the company that allowed the technology to become mainstreamed.

Throughout the 1990s, Albert made use of his network of associates and with their help made laser technology available to those who needed it. Demand was very high and at first it was hard for production to keep pace. The technology was enthusiastically received and the founder looked toward expanding the business.

This led to the development of the TerraQuant Super Pulsed Laser in the early 2000s. In 2004, Max Kanarsky, now President and CEO of Multi Radiance Medical, became a partner and is responsible for bringing the technology to the United States and Canada.

Since 2004, the company has grown quickly to become a major player in the laser technology marketplace. The company is experiencing unprecedented growth and is rapidly increasing its portfolio of products and technology that has prospects throughout the globe. The current MR4 Super Pulsed Laser family of products is the newest generation of Laser Technology.

Multi Radiance Medical Technology has over 20 years of commercial experience, over 30 years of R&D and is used in over 30 countries around the world. Over 400,000 units have been sold and the technology is used in over 20,000 private practices and over 3,000 hospitals around the world …and growing.

The company prides itself in giving back to the communities that have made it successful, and this can be seen with the amount of investment the company has made in the institutions of higher education around the world. Multi Radiance Medical is committed to be the leading company in terms of research, education, training, technical support and the advancement of the art of Energy Medicine.

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